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Pictures, Thoughts and Goals 2017

New Year’s resolutions have a different meaning to each of us.


First, the word resolution has a little bit of a bad meaning to me. It’s basically a resolve to do better over the failures of last year. How can that be good? I’d rather think in terms of goals for the year.



Just my random thoughts, but maybe it’s acceptable for dogs to have resolutions. But I digress.


And there’s no sense in me discussing a goal of working out, or exercising more. That’s probably on everyone’s list. Right?img_0741

“So”, here are some of my thoughts for the new year. Thinking in the context of goals.

Initially, I started a list of goals for the blog. Like keeping better lists throughout the year. Almost like a Star Trek Captain’s log. Goals such as having more patience and reading my Bible more.

I even thought about focusing on being a better communicator. Not starting my sentences with So, or the old wind up to a sentence of  What happened was.  Similar to using the “speaking connector” of like. So, like do you know what I mean?

Then I thought about the concept of relaxing more. In fact, I do enjoy coming home and putting on my lounging pants. Which are really just furry over-sized pajamas. And believe me, as I thought about my lounging pants, I internally began to feel proud of my goals!

But the more I thought about the new year, the more I wanted to boil down my goals into one goal. And I did!!!! So here’s my thinking:

I decided to focus on my perception of life. That led me to the old slogan, “Is the glass half empty or half full?”. Then, that was my inspiration for my 2017 goal. To do a better job at looking at everything with optimism!

To view negatively or positively. Tt’s my choice.  For 2017, my goal is to try to be more positive and look at my circumstances as always “half full“.

We all have to find our own goals for the year. No one can do that for me. But as Henry Ford summed it up , “Whether you think you can, or think you can’t; you’re right“.

It’s going to be a great year!








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