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Inexplicable Excitement Including Limeade

Yesterday, I wrote about “choppin’ wood“, which brings me to Wednesday. I consider it my excuse to just post random pictures to the blog. Which causes me inexplicable excitement.

Tommy Boy

Now I take this opportunity to post a picture of downtown Richmond from the 1950’s. Recently, I spoke to an old-Richmonder, who described ordering a limeade at Thalhimer’s and enjoying the Tea Room at Miller and Rhoads. He told me that it was the good old days. For me, I look back and think, “these are the ‘good ole’ days, Now!”, Right?


And finally in my inexplicable Wednesday blogging, I now post a couple of pic o’s on the importance of names… or not remembering names. (And yes, the only thing that makes this a law blog is that it’s legal!)




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