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It’s “Why” on Tuesday

Two fish are in a tank. One turns to the other and says, “How do you drive this thing?”.

Why would you ask “Why?”.

And here’s an answer to a question that you have never asked:

It is harder to see now, but if you look at the back of a $100 bill, you can see a clock that shows the time of 4:10. (The new bills show a very tiny clock). Why does it show that time? Because the designer of the original $100 bill always got off work at four o’clock. He caught the 4:10 train… and that made him happy. Of course, I ask the question, “why couldn’t he just be happy by having a $100 bill?”.

I can tell that you are confused by my money discussion. So, I am going to break a self-imposed rule and tell you a lawyer joke as a segue. (Yes, I finally am able to use that word in a blog. And again, you might also be asking “Why?”)

On to the very bad joke:

How do you get a group of personal injury lawyers to smile for a picture? Answer: Just say Fees!

And that’s a Tuesday blog!


And for pic o’ day…


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