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More About ‘Outside the Galaxy’

I enjoy Facebook posts. Sure, I do see many posts from friends who obviously have just been watching Fox News or CNN; depending on what has them fired up politically right then. But there are also other posts that cause me to laugh out loud.

Here’s two recent posts from my friend Ken Price:

My wife just opened the car door for me. It would have been a nice gesture had we not been going 70 mph.

I wonder if when cats go to work in cat offices there’s always one cat, whose cubicle is decorated with pictures of lonely old ladies?

I laughed again as I typed these.

I mention this as a point of reference to our monthly newsletter. (Here it is, in case you didn’t get it in your in-box). A long time ago, I decided that I didn’t want our monthly newsletter to be like some others that I was receiving.

It just didn’t seem riveting to read about a lawyer who was just named top lawyer in the galaxy, or how much money they “just won”.  We decided to do a newsletter that had very little to do with law. What’s that look that you are giving me???? OK, I admit it. The blog is much like that. Not much law and a whole lot of random.

Anyway, that’s just our thinking on our monthly newsletter. And Ken, please keep up the funny quotes!

It’s here where I feel like I should steal the advertising slogan as a fitting end to this blog because, “We’ll leave the light on for you”.

And now let’s get serious…


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