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Motivation, A Source, and a Story

Sometimes for the Monday blog, I like to get started with a thought for the week. How about:



I hope you are coming into this work week with plenty of motivation!! (But maybe a different kind of motivation!)

And now a correction on a past blog. David Amkraut wrote me to say, “My understanding is that the expression “More than one way to skin a cat” refers to skinning a catfish, not a cat”.

I love when I learn something from the blog! That email truly made me smile.  Plus, that’s what happens when I am just writing from stream of consciousness. I should have done some research, Right? To talk about a cat like that sure does seem a bit crazy… and it was.

I just saw a great quote reminder, “Life is short. Take the trip. Buy the shoes. Eat the cake”.

And now for a quick story mention, in case you haven’t seen it yet. It’s the story of a stray dog who found a connection, a purpose, and then a home. And now he’s on the cover of a book.


The Adventure Racing World Series involves a team of four competing in events that include trekking, adventure running, mountain biking, paddling and climbing. During the 2014 competition, a team from Sweden picked up a “fifth member”.

Team Peak Performance, “met” Arthur while sharing a meal before the 20-mile race stage through the difficult terrain in Ecuador. Mikael Lindnord, one of the four team members, felt sorry for the dirty, lonely stray dog, and shared a meatball with him.

As the grueling race continued, Arthur continued to follow the team through muddy difficult jungle and across the Amazon river.

At one point they were in a kayak and did not take Arthur with them. They watched him as he ran along the side of the river. All of a sudden he jumped in the water and began swimming toward them. They realized he was willing to drown in order to stay with them. So, they pulled him into the kayak and off they continued to travel together.

He followed them all the way to the finish line. Lindnord was so moved by Arthur’s loyalty, that he adopted him and brought him back to his home in Sweden, where Arthur lives today. A story of connection, and a story of never giving up.  I so enjoyed it that I decided to put it in our Monday blog!

Here are some sources and additional details. (ESPN)(Forbes)(dailymail)


And for pic o’ day,


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