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It’s Not Butter!

It’s true that coffee does play a major role at the firm!


Which is why a lawsuit against Dunkin’ Donuts grabbed my attention. (NY Times)

A class action lawsuit against 23 Dunkin’ Donut franchises has now been settled. I am curious about your thoughts on this.

Starting in 2012, customer Jan Polanik started coming into one of the Dunkin’ Donuts to order a bagel with butter. Later, he learned that he was being sold a bagel with a butter substitute instead of real butter. The shop admitted that they were substituting butter for a butter substitute, even though they were charging 25 cents for the butter.

Suit was filed on behalf of Mr. Polanik and 1400 others. Admittedly, the shop was using Country Crock spread. The lawyer for the claimants stated that, “The main thrust of the case, really, is to get the stores, and hopefully Dunkin’ Donuts generally, to change that practice and not deceive people”.

The case has now settled with terms that each of the claimants will receive a settlement that includes three free muffins and Mr. Polanik also receives a $500 incentive award for representing the class.

A Dunkin’ Donuts representative offered an explanation (I say excuse) for why a vegetable spread might be used. “For food safety, we do not allow butter to be stored at room temperature, which is the temperature necessary for butter to be easily spread onto a bagel or pastry“. That’s why they claim that it was fine to sell a spread, rather than real butter.

Of course, the real question I had was whether the lawyer gets 1/3 of the muffins for a fee? Boom!

And finally, I thought that a rain pic o’ day seemed timely. Right?



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