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Say No to Yes

A truly cautionary reminder about robocalls in a story from USA Today. The Federal Communications Commission has issued a consumer alert.

The scam starts with a phone call to your home. The caller on the other end asks, “Can you hear me?”. In reality, it’s a recording.  When the caller says, “Yes,” that they can hear the robocall, their reply is recorded. Then, the scammer uses that voice response to authorize fraudulent charges by telephone, on the victim’s credit card account.

There was a time that you might answer those calls and instruct to “please take me off your list”. Now, these scammers have taken it another step down the fraudulent ladder. (I refuse to say “up”)

According to the FCC chairman, “Robocalls are the number one consumer complaint to the FCC from the public. And it’s no wonder: Every month, U.S. consumers are bombarded by an estimated 2.4 billion robocalls”. It makes you almost want to just get rid of your phone. Of course, fraud by email also continues. It’s just a reminder that we have to be vigilant!

And for pic o’ day, I thought I would post a couple of pic ‘s… that are also not a good idea:



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