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Outside the Box

All last week I was in trial and didn’t post many blogs, so I will briefly mention the trial. But first, in light of the fact that there were several graduations this weekend, I thought I would post a selfie that I saw. It cracks me up.



Now to the jury trial. First the ending. The trial ended in a mistrial. A mistrial because the 7-person jury could not return a unanimous verdict.

Six jurors wanted to find for the plaintiff and one juror wanted to find for the defendant. After hours of deliberation, the jury determined that they could not agree on a verdict and they were then discharged.

The one juror indicated that she wanted to see the accident report from the crash. I titled the blog Outside the Box because what is not in evidence cannot be considered. Why can’t the jury consider the accident report? For the same reason that they cannot consider what has happened in traffic court.

A jury is to consider the evidence for themselves. It’s not to include a traffic court judge’s opinion, nor an investigating officer’s determination. In fact, it is basis for a mistrial if the words accident report are even uttered in court.

I would give you more details about the trial, but a mistrial means it will be tried again. I wish we were going back to court to try it again today. Instead, it needs to be reset on the docket.

So, today I am in the office… opening up last week’s mail and catching up. It just makes me smile to open my office door. Great to be back to routine. A Lion just needs to roar!

Tonight the Wizards play in Boston for a game 7. And my next jury trial is set for the beginning of June. The wheels keep turning!

And finally, my mom went to Outback Steakhouse for Mother’s Day.  So with a nod to that and the hope that all mothers had a wonderful day yesterday, here is pic o’ day:





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