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Really The Founder?

IMG_1175Do you know the name Ray Kroc? Old time hamburger-eaters certainly do. He “was the founder” of McDonald’s. Especially back in the days when the sign only said “over one million served”.

And, I believed that Ray Kroc was an amazing business man, that until I watched the movie The Founder,  this past weekend. The movie reminds me a little bit of this unique thought on success.


Michael Keaton plays the part of Ray Kroc. Kroc was also the former owner of the San Diego Padres, and now I have a better understanding of how he made his money… or stole it.

As Kroc was quoted as saying, McDonald’s has a ring to it. Kroc, not so much. But I recommend that you purchase the movie on Amazon or wherever you can buy movies on demand.

There’s contract law that includes the McDonald brothers selling their interest, and including a provision that was not written into the contract. It was, instead, a contract by handshake between Kroc and the brothers. And it has been a projected loss of income to the brothers and their heirs of over 100 million dollars a year, if you believe the movie.

Here’s an entry about Richard and Maurice McDonald. I have always wondered what happened to them.

Have I tempted you to watch The Founder? I suspect you will look at McDonald’s differently after the movie, and that corporation didn’t even try to stop the movie. It must be all true! As the grandson of the McDonald brothers has aptly said, it’s the first time that an employee has claimed to be the founder of the business.


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