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The Evidence of Fitbit

Sometimes I just like to start out with some positive, before I head into the law.



That’s positive, right? Especially if you are a lion!

I guess this was bound to happen, but doesn’t this story from the NY Times sound like something out of a fiction novel? It’s a story about how Fitbit is now a silent witness in a murder case.

According to the article, “Richard Dabate was charged in his wife’s 2015 death after investigators say they found a contradiction between his story and her exercise tracker’s data.”

A woman was found shot dead in her Connecticut home. Her husband told the police that there had been a violent struggle with a masked intruder. The man then zip-tied Dabate to a chair, took his wallet and credit cards and then cut him with a knife. Then, fatally shot his wife in the basement.

That’s where the Fitbit evidence adds to the story. During the time that all these events were supposedly occurring in the basement, the wife’s Fitbit shows that she walked 1,217 feet around the house. By the exercise device records, she was not stationary or struggling with an attacker in the basement.

The timeline of Mr. Dabate’s story unraveled when presented with the records of his wife’s exercise. In their investigation, the police also reviewed records from Facebook, text messages, door movements and alarm settings. They also noted that the husband owned the gun that matched to the gun shot wounds.

It also didn’t help that Mr. Dabate had a pregnant girlfriend… and made a claim for the $475,000 insurance policy, just 5 days after his wife’s murder. Hmmm!


And for pic o’ day, these numbers just don’t add up.


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