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The Right To Be Left Alone

I thought I would just briefly mention a man that many have probably not heard about. Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis was an associate justice of the Supreme Court from 1916 to 1939. (Wikipedia here)

I have always associated him with the legal doctrine that everyone has a right to privacy. Or, the right to be left alone. See why he fascinates me!

That legal doctrine ultimately was specifically applied against the newspapers of that day, who were known to publish photographs of people without their consent. Before Brandeis, no one had ever considered whether a person had a right to object to such publication.

He was specifically known for being in the majority of many opinions of the court, and writing dissents to majority opinions, that ultimately became persuasive arguments in thinking, and later cases. He also became known for his belief that the Supreme Court should not decide on legal issues that otherwise could be resolved by Congress.

Just a thought on law!

And for pic o’ day, first is keeping your eye on the prize:


Second is a thought today on procrastination!


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