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Two Money Stories

Good to start a Monday with a smile!



Today’s blog includes two stories about money.

The first is a Virginia story from Goochland at and is about movie money. The picture of the evidence gives us a good clue about the facts.



Movie prop money is circulating in Goochland County and the sheriff’s department is issuing a warning. “Be aware that someone may intentionally or mistakenly pass one of these bills”.

There is a clue on the money, “FOR MOTION PICTURE USE ONLY”. That’s a pretty good warning! I guess that’s also what is meant by “Funny Money“.

And our next court money story comes from the NBC Today Show. A man who was not happy about his date not paying attention to the movie Guardians of the Galaxy 2. She was texting. So, he sued her.

They didn’t have to go to trial. She settled for the price of the ticket. She paid him $17.31. Apparently tickets for 3D movies cost more.

The moral of these two stories? If you are going to text during a movie and get sued, then settle with movie money.

And finally, I am reminded of the sign that hung above the counter at the Harley-Davidson shop where I worked summers during law school. It read, “In God we trust. All others pay cash“.

Go with certainty!


and for pic o, even beats the taste of money!


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