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It Makes Me Hungry!

It’s already well known that grocery stores are manipulating us with their product placement. Stores place their name brand items on the middle shelf at eye level of the shopper. And of course, they place those “quick grabbers” at the checkout counter.

I am more fascinated with food and marketing. For instance, bakeries like Cinnabon place their ovens in front so those baked cinnamon rolls attract us to buy. They call it scent marketing. The one time that they decided to move the ovens in the back, sales plummeted. (Story here)

Food marketing also uses colors to influence us. Many use the color green on their wrappers, where the nutritional information is listed. Research has taught them that people perceive food with the color green as being a healthier choice.

Of course, I started thinking about this topic because I ate breakfast at Bob Evans a couple of times this week, and they always have the apple pies at the register. In big bold letters “they” remind me that it is a double crust pie. Now, I am still thinking about that pie. I like pie. And, doesn’t it seem like it should be a good breakfast food! I feel like I am being manipulated, and I don’t mind it.

That’s just my random thoughts on a Friday. I hope you have a great weekend!


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