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Coffee Memories and Successful Failures

I remember sitting at the bench, at the kitchen table. Farm houses have benches. Hence bench and kitchen table.

My grandfather would pour his coffee into his saucer to let it cool. Then, he would pour it back into his cup and drink it. It made me want to drink coffee. Do 3-year-olds usually have an interest in coffee?

I so remember that whole routine  To me, such good memories. Just the simplicity of sitting there, watching my grandfather cooling off his coffee. And then we would head off to the farm.

Don’t we just want real!

I guess that’s why I am so humored with a museum that celebrates products that have flopped. Sweden’s Museum of Failure. It just seems real! (More Right here) Life isn’t always about  amazing accomplishment. Sometimes, it’s also about the laugher in failure, and what’s next. Taking failure and turning into success. They are celebrating real.  Although, maybe not as a inventive as a saucer coffee-cooler.

If you read the article, you will see that Donald Trump makes an appearance in a board game that’s called “I’m Back and You’re Fired”. He seems to have done okay after that board game failure.

The successful Google can now admit that their high-tech glasses were not a success. Maybe too early for it’s time? But it hasn’t stopped them. They just keep moving onward.

Segway, with it’s travel for one, seemed liked a sure success. Then, it’s inventor went over a cliff on a Segway. That’s not a good selling feature.

The museum does offer its ray of hope. There is an Apple Newton. (I can’t even remember the Newton. Can you?). The Apple Newton was the precursor to iPhones and iPads, and Apple seems to have done fine with those.

And that’s the definition of real. Failure recognition. For me… I love coffee. And every time I drink a cup, I remember my grandfather pouring into his saucer. Good memories

It’s going to be a great Monday!!!

And for our pic o’ day,  A laziness invention?





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