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A T-Shirt message?

I took Greek as my foreign language in high school. Now, it’s all a distant memory and doesn’t even help me order a good Greek salad. Boom.

But I was excited to learn (excited is probably a bit exaggerated) that the word television originates from a Greek word meaning far; and a Latin word meaning to see.

Somehow I felt that I should just throw that in after all the excitement yesterday during the eclipse. I did go out and look up with my official NASA- issued eclipse glasses. Sure it was exciting! But how disappointing, if you thought you were going outside to get an eclair… just food for thought. (see what I did there)

But I was very careful to make sure I never looked up. I took it seriously. Kinda like this:


Yes, I am on a roll. Of course, I might become a roll if I keep eating Nancy’s carrot cake. She brought her special carrot cake yesterday, because of my birthday last week. It was absolutely amazing.  And of course, carrot cake is good for your eyes; which is important if you make the mistake of looking at the eclipse. See, everything ties together in the blog today!

Which brings me to the final thought on vision and seeing what is to be seen. I was at the hospital last week, visiting a family member. There was a “portly-looking fella” (yes, I am trying to be kind) who was walking around in a jumbo-sized (probably not kind?) t-shirt that read Trust me, I’m a lawyer.

Could he possibly have been a lawyer? Was he trying to solicit business? (In Virginia, you cannot solicit business in person. Plus, this guy certainly was in no shape to chase an ambulance. Just a thought)

And one final question: Do people hire lawyers in t-shirts?

I wonder what is in store for tomorrow? What will I see?

And for pic o’ day… here is some “legal humor”?


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