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In Defense and Love of Coffee

If you aren’t a coffee fan, you might want to stop reading right now. Unless, you are willing to consider the health effects of coffee. And why you might want to work a cup in, even though you normally drink tea. Hey, I understand. There was a time that I drank Diet Coke in the morning, and then ice tea the rest of the day. That’s why I am writing this coffee blog. I could have mentioned the Seinfeld episode about the coffee table book about coffee tables. This book is kind of like that, except it’s about coffee not tables.

Let’s start with the subject matter:


This is the book that I bought, while I was at our Greenville, South Carolina office. I don’t want any “competitor lawyers” reading this book… so don’t share this blog! (No need to share our secrets of success!)

I have posted a picture of the cover of a book that extols all the amazing benefits of coffee. In fact, I am now convinced that I will live to be over 150 years old. Seriously! As long as I have coffee!

The opening chapter starts with Should You Put Coffee In Your Face Right Now? Can you guess the answer?

Here are a few reasons that are listed to drink coffee:

1.Coffee can help retain memory.

2.Drinking Coffee is an aid to weight loss.

3.Coffee helps reduce stress.

The only reason you might not want to read this book? If you drink coffee at Starbucks and you are worried about your calorie consumption. I will just leave it at that. (OK, one cafe latte equals the equivalent of a slice of pizza. But who is counting? Right?)

I admit it. 200 years from now, they may dig up my blog archives from the rubble. I can be assured that my political position on coffee was… YES!

Have a cup-of-Joe! (And the book will tell you why it’s called a Cup-of-Joe)

And for pic o’ day… this truly makes me laugh! (Especially because I am not a big fan of flying)



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