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Sometimes Events Cause Change

Sometimes it’s good to stop and think… and listen!




I titled the blog Sometimes Events Cause Change because that thought has recently been very real to me. Here are two  examples from the law firm that caused change.

Yesterday, one of the men who does investigations for our South Carolina office reminded us that 20-years-ago, his partner on the police force was shot and killed while standing right next to him. His life forever changed that day.

I say that in the context of the recent events in Charlottesville, and how families and individuals are forever changed. And, a community is now changed.

On a positive note, Geoff Glick came to work at the firm 18-years-ago today; on a Monday in 1999. I have seen the positive impact that he has had on the firm, and on so many lives in the cases that he has handled. That choice that he made to leave his other firm and come work here continues to cause change at this firm.

Which leads me to a final story about an individual’s difficulty that changed Hollywood…and the law.



Charlie Chaplin sits next to a little boy in this picture, from the 1921 movie The Kid. Child actor Jackie Coogan played an orphan who was informally adopted by Chaplin’s character. The events in the movie gave this boy a self-worth after a difficult upbringing.  (movie description)

The reality of Jackie Coogan’s life is that he really did have a difficult upbringing because his parents took his money that he earned as a child actor. When he was 18, he filed suit against his mother and stepfather to get an accounting of the earnings, and to get the money due to him.

He was unable to successfully get all money entitled to him, as he only received a small portion of his earnings to date which totalled an amount of $126,000. However, the publicity from the lawsuit resulted in a law being passed in California known as the California Child Actor’s Bill, which now serves to safeguard a percentage of a child’s earnings in trust, until they turn 21.

Not only did Coogan’s difficulties lead to positive legislation, but it also led him to other acting roles, which included a successful role that he landed as an adult.


He became Uncle Fester in the popular TV series The Addams Family. A negative event that led to a positive.

Let’s hope that we will be able to look back on the weekend in Charlottesville, to see something positive rise from this negative event.

And finally for pic o’ day, I think this is encouragement. Right?




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