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The Friday Buffet

Sometimes I jot down ideas for a blog that never become a blog. The one sentence idea doesn’t lead to anything else. I guess that’s better than when I write down a few words to remind me of something… that does not remind me.

Today seemed like a good day just to clean out the closet.

The first safety feature for an car was invented in 1908 by John O’Leary. He patented a large “safety” net, for installation on the front bumper, to scoop pedestrians out of the way before they could be run over.

Bayer advertised a cough medicine that in 1898 that contained heroin, which doesn’t seem crazy when you think that the first coca-cola contained cocaine. (1885)

Did you know there was one U.S. state that no longer exists? In 1784 the U.S. had a state called Franklin, named after Benjamin Franklin. It is now known as the lost state of Franklin because four years later these 8 counties were incorporated into the state of Tennessee.

The first Michelin Man costume (Bidenbum) was worn by Colonel Harlan Sanders. Little did anyone know that he would become famous for a fried chicken recipe.




And for pic o’ day, is this the party bus?








And finally, I hope you have a great weekend! Here’s one for a Saturday night:


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