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Value of the Heart

Many times in jury trials, I will describe my client’s losses and actually itemize the damages. That may include medical bills, loss of wages and even future loss of wages. It might also include a permanent injury.

Sometimes, I will make the argument when the evidence supports it, that loss of enjoyment of life is a greater loss than all the other mathematical damages for which there can be an exact mathematical tally. Rarely is it possible to put an actual value for emotional losses. However, over the weekend, I saw a video that does a good job in putting a value on emotions.

For the blog, I am not attaching the video, but here is a screenshot, in case you want to watch it. I saw it on Facebook.















The host/man-in-video goes to people walking their dogs and asks if he can buy their dog. Most of the time, he offers 100k for the dog and sometimes even offers more. He even opens up his briefcase to let them see the cash. They all say no!

Why? The general consensus is that you cannot put a value on happiness that their dog brings to them. To some, that dog may just seem like property that can be easily replaced.  But the owners of those dogs think differently. The value of enjoyment of life. Quantifying the emotion of happiness. A loss that would be difficult to replace.

If you can somehow convey that loss to a jury, then it is more believable that medical bills and loss of wages actually pale in comparison to matters of the heart. To see those dog owners turn down that offer of cash was heartwarming.

And for our pic o’ day, I have to admit that I laughed… and related a little bit to this. The adventures of the grocery store!


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