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Wear Sunscreen!

Are those fun-sized candy bars, if you just finished eating 27? I appreciate my friend, Ken Price, saying that his abs are so awesome that he had to grow a layer of fat over them to keep from getting someone hurt. Hahahahaha!

I just wrote those random sentences because they remind me of the hypothetical commencement speech of Mary Schmich, which was published in June of 1997 to the supposed class of 1999.

It has been called the “Wear Sunscreen” speech and was set to music and released as a “Spoken Word Song” by Baz Luhrmann. Ultimately, the author says that the most important thing… wear sunscreen! Pretty good advice.

Today, I attached this 5 minute version in the blog, in case you wanted some advice on life from this speech, and just feel like relaxing instead of reading. So here it is:

Maybe it is “advice like youth, probably just wasted on the young”, but wouldn’t it be great if we could worry less and be thankful for more. (That’s my thought)

And for pic o’ day, this invention!



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