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Costume Randomness

I cannot answer why I just want to post costume pictures. I realize this is a legal blog, which requires that I post something legal… or something like that. Right? But, I feel like this is our opportunity to post crazy costumes and soon it will be gone.

Much like the Hallmark card that recited the importance of living in the presence by saying:

Seize the moment!  Remember all those women on the ‘Titanic’ who waved off the dessert cart.”

So here is our first costume picture out of order of pic o’ day(s). Imagine this gang at your door:



I could pretend to post some wisdom like what K.Flay said, “Imagine how satisfying it would be to retire after a long career as a professional sandwich maker and say to yourself, ‘that’s a wrap’“. ( I admit, I do not know who K Flay is, but I do like the name!)

Which brings me to our next pic o’, which was sent to me (to scare me) and here I go posting it! Clowns have become the worst costume!



And finally, I close with a “Business Halloween” pic o’ day because it seems to be appropriate.


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