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For this Wednesday blog, I thought I would be The Program Director, in case you are looking for something to watch. I just finished Manhunt:Unabomber on Netflix. It was originally aired on the Discovery Channel and can also be purchased on Amazon, if you don’t have Netflix. (You can also watch on YouTube at a per-episode price)

I gave those details because it is one of those binge-watching kind of shows! The miniseries has 8 episodes that switch back and forth between 1995 and 1997, as the FBI attempts to track down the Unabomber.

The story revolves around Jim “Fitz” Fitzgerald, who is the profiler that throws all else aside in his attempt to get in the mind of the person mailing bombs. It is based on real life events.

I was fascinated to learn about forensic linguistics and the uphill battle of law enforcement bureaucracy.  Does that sound like a movie review? I’m trying!

Even the cabin in Montana fascinated me. At the end, it made me grab my iPad and do more research on “where are they now?”.

And for our pic o’ day, I guess this would be called morning motivation:


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