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A Bit of Confusing History?

It’s fair to wonder, “If they can give us an extra hour on Saturday night, why not an extra hour every night?”. I have no answer for that, but it certainly would give me an extra hour to be on my iPad each night. Right? And why wouldn’t I want to sleep more fitfully by looking at a lighted screen about 8 inches from my eyes before fading right off to sleep. But… I digress.

Which leads me to some “computer humor” that was posted by my friend, Ken Price. (must give him appropriate credit)

Boss: How good are you at PowerPoint?

Me: I Excel at it.

Boss: Was that a Microsoft Office pun?

Me: Word

As Larry the Cable Guy would say, “that’s funny right there“.

And now on to our blog about body parts. Let me post these three “thoughts” without initial comment, and then I will comment. I just couldn’t bring myself to title the blog Two Brains and a Body. The pictures/posts probably say and source it better than an attachment, so here goes:



Next falls under once was a conspiracy but this is a real explanation on what happened that day. I can imagine that Bobby Kennedy thought that he was just looking out for his brother’s legacy:


And finally, this is interesting history that also let’s us know what was a possible fear of George Washington, and how a friend looked out for him:


I post these three “in death” facts without real answers as to why. They all fall under the category of the macabre. Partly because I have always wanted to use that word in Our Blog.

What do you think about this history?  I started this blog with the thought of picking up an extra hour every night. Then somehow, I managed to focus on odd things after death. I guess it’s the subconscious saying “More Time”. Or maybe I am just fascinated with it all… and I don’t really understand why we moved our clocks back.

And for our pic o’ day, after those pictures I needed something that makes me laugh.





And now

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