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A Story of Recovery

I start this blog out with the disclaimer that it’s a Feel Good Story for me! It involves a client and it does not involve money!

About five years ago, I began representing a teenager who was a backseat passenger. Their car was rear-ended and his body was physically driven into the seat in front of him. It caused a significant injury to his knee. A few months after the crash, he had surgery on that knee. Unfortunately, he did not get better and could still barely bend his leg.

Throughout high school, he was unable to play any sports and he continued to experience pain and limited mobility. He went back to his orthopedic doctor to see what could be done. The doctor recommended another surgery that included putting permanent hardware in his knee to stabilize the kneecap.

My client and his family told me about the possible surgery. I met with their doctor. I just didn’t feel good about my teenage client having such a restricted life; but maybe there was no other alternative.

I called another doctor and told him about my client’s injury and additional surgery. I sent over his records. He went to meet with the doctor. A different surgery was discussed. About two months after that, my client had surgery with the second doctor.

The insurance company questioned the surgeries and made a small settlement offer. Fortunately, the jury sided with my client.

I had not heard from my client in a couple of years. Recently, he called to say that he had graduated from high school… and had just joined the army. He passed their physical!

A fabulous testament to hard work and recovery as well as a doctor who did a great job and made a difference. A true great ending!


I hope you have a great weekend… and get some “Lion Around Time”.



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