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Lebron James and Equality?

I know this is half-crazy, but I cannot help myself. Let’s start the blog today with a picture that has graced our blog holiday entries for the last few years. It always makes me laugh when I look at it.



Now let’s get serious!

My Operations Director and her nine-year-old son were excited to go to the Wizards game on Sunday night. It was the perfect starting time: 6 p.m.

Our Firm seats are right next to the visitors bench on the end line. Literally, right next to the players. Sunday night’s game showcased the Wizards against the Cavaliers.

Lebron James decided to make a statement with his game shoes by wearing one black and one white shoe with the word “Equality” written on the back of both shoes. Here is the picture of the shoes that were taken from our seats.


You can see just how close the seats are from the bench.


From these seats, they were sitting within a few feet of Dwayne Wade; who sat there with his wrinkled shirt, too small and non-fitting sport coat, with Vans shoes. His whole ensemble must have set him back at least $180.

The reason I am irritated with Wade also includes why I knew that I probably should not attend the game. Although, I did not know that it was “Lebron Equality Night”. But I will come back to that.

At halftime, Lebron James changed back into matching playing shoes. As a capitalist, I suspect that he intends to sell those shoes for profit, or hopefully for a charity auction. Maybe they were just uncomfortable, and that’s why he changed.

Throughout the game, the Cavalier players would shout the “N word” at each other. Clearly… they used the real slang word, not the “The N Word”. As we know, that’s an expression that must not be used by “white people”. Apparently, that does not apply to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

For instance, Cavalier players  would holler, “N*** shoot the ball”. Or, “N*** play defense“. A curious selection of cheerleading words on a night that Lebron chose to wear his “Equality shoes”.

I knew that it was probably best that I not personally attend this game. I have some history there. The last Cavaliers game I attended was truly exciting. Except, that the players kept standing on the end line and intentionally blocking the vision of all those around me, from seeing the action on the floor. Imagine paying good money for seats, only to be blocked by players. Even the ushers were frustrated by their conduct and just shrugged their shoulders to me… but it was the Cavaliers. Last night, they did it again.

When the nine-year-old asked them to sit down, that’s when Dwayne Wade turned around with disgust and said, “that’s why the jumbotron is there“. Meaning, “you can look up at the screen over the scoreboard to see the game“. They repeatedly blocked the view of paying fans… because the ushers don’t know what to do about it.

I could have ignored all these events because it’s easier just to do so. In fact, that last Cavaliers game I attended; I came back bothered, but I just put it aside because I just so enjoy going to the games.

This time, I just thought it was blog worthy because it speaks to a larger theme. Why is there such racial divide? Why would a star basketball player feel the urge to make a statement in the nation’s capital by wearing “Equality Shoes”?

The media cannot understand how Donald Trump was elected president. I suspect that if he runs for reelection, the polls will show that he is behind the challenger. However, there is a faction of America that thinks that wearing shoes is not really about making a statement. It’s about actions. It’s about truly thinking of each other, even when there are no cameras there.

Sunday night, it might have been an example of the Cavaliers campaigning for Trump’s reelection, without realizing it. Maybe that’s why James put his shoes away at halftime. Or maybe it was just something else.

And for pic o’ day, this is one of those classics from elf on a shelf… who obviously is off the shelf!


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