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Right Into Christmas

If you told me that it has only been six months since Christmas 2016, I would believe you. Although, thankfully it has been a year, because I am on a cookie binge right now and cannot stop. And I need another year for cookie recovery!

Why do I keep hearing Burl Ives singing in my ears, “Have a holly jolly Christmas, it’s the best time of the year”? Seriously, Christmas is here! As I was wandering around the office trying to sing like ole Burl, Michael Glass told me that I was avuncular. I’m not sure exactly what that means but I think it’s something like cattywampus… or something like that!

In reality, I feel more like spizzerinctum. I’ve been told that it means “grasshoppers on roller skates going down hill” So yes… I feel more like that than avuncular. I think?

For now, enough of my Christmas wandering. I could go on with nonsense all day. But first, this belongs in Our Blog… right?


I was looking for Christmas pictures to post and invariably always stumbled on those crazy family pictures for Christmas cards. There are so many crazy ones but this one made me look again!


Now just a quick thought to make it a real blog. We had our last attorney meeting of the year. I asked each attorney to discuss what they wanted to do better in the new year. As I listened to each of their goals, they all related to doing better for their clients. I could be more specific, but I want to keep this brief.

Wouldn’t it be a wonderful Christmas gift to each other, if this time of year helped us to be more mindful and more thoughtful of each other.

I am thankful for Christmas, and for the true Christmas story. I so wish you a wonderful and happy Merry Christmas!


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