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Shooting Our TV Ads







I love the motivation of Tony Robbins. Regularly, I listen to his podcasts as I travel to work.

He isn’t bothered by whether he is overweight or whether his voice sounds like chalk on a chalkboard. He is positive and a great marketer. Have you ever asked yourself, “Why is Tony Robbins so fat“? Probably not. Plus, I  like wearing black too. Just saying!


(Just threw the President in there to see if you were still with me)

I respect great marketing!

Today I am headed to “cut” some TV ads. That includes our spot for the Super Bowl for all our markets.

I had to put thought into what I was going to say… and what I am wearing. Should I wear black. Probably… not so much.

It is 30 seconds to try and grab attention, and get someone to call. What do you say?

This scenario has happened more than I care to admit. I get on the elevator and I am asked, “Are you Joel Bieber?”. I smile and admit it. (That is the correct thing to do. Right?) Then they go on to say, “I have been watching your commercials since I was a little kid”. Should I say, “Yes, I was a little kid too“… even though I wasn’t! At least they don’t say, “just how old are you?”!

Instead, I decide to be like Tony Robbins. Stay positive! (And if I could wear black…maybe so!) There’s value in hanging around.

And that’s why we go to shoot more ads today. I always get a good laugh at the studio. So, look out for us in the Super Bowl. Between the third and fourth quarter. And forgive me if I look fat and sound gravely. At least I am feeling positive!!!





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