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The Eyesight of Columbus?

Isn’t life about routine. It was real easy to go a couple of days without blogging. Almost a routine. But I know that I have to get back to my daily blogging.  And then, I realized it was so cold. So cold.



Today’s blog comes from because it humors me. It also makes me wonder about Christopher Columbus’ eyesight. Perhaps he did not want to return to Spain after his trips, and be sentenced to the pit of misery…so he felt pressure to find!

In 1493, while sailing near the Dominican Republic, Columbus notes a curious observation. Maybe we should consider his diary entry, in the context of the knowledge that he had been at sea for six months.

One final note about Columbus. There were no known portraits painted of Columbus while he was alive. So history relies on the memories of painters in their portraits of Columbus.

An angry painter could have really impacted history by painting a portrait of Columbus with a hamburger. Then we would have thought that he always traveled with a hamburger. And that’s how history can become history!

And for pic o’ day; nowadays, it’s difficult to know whether you are looking at a “real” picture. Here’s an example of a cow that was photo-shopped on to a car. Because otherwise, why wouldn’t a cow be relaxing on a car hood? I wonder what Columbus would see?



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